26 NOV. 2019

7PM - 9PM

Barbara, Świdnicka 8B

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Add more to the power of GraphQL

About GraphQL Wrocław

Knowledge: Cubed. GraphQL Wroclaw is a community of with a shared love for new, powerful technology.
We believe that through sharing and engagement, we can make Wroclaw a local and global leader in one of the world’s fastest growing languages.

Past Events

Graphql Wrocław #1

Why You Should Migrate to GraphQL

Marcin Gębala

Ariadne: Familiar GraphQL in Python

Rafał Pitoń

Graphql Wrocław #2

Serverless GraphQL, czyli AppSync w pigułce

Marcin Sodkiewicz

Masz schemę? Masz formularz. Poznaj uniforms!

Radosław Miernik

Schema-First vs Code-first approach in GraphQL API development

Jakub Draganek

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